You’re invited to our Launch Party for New York Music Coop! June 1st, 8pm at Brooklyn CenterStage

I’m now teaching at New York Music Coop and you’re invited to our Launch Party!
Sat. June 1st, 2019, 8pm at Brooklyn CenterStage: 495 3rd Ave, Brooklyn.
Featuring music from the founders of New York Music Coop as well as our other instructors and special guests.

The funds we raise goes toward our first public workshops, PR/advertising campaigns, and growing a scholarship fund for lower-income families. Our incentives include lesson packages, T-shirts, mugs, stickers, pencils.

We are NYC’s VERY first worker cooperative owned & operated solely by musicians! Moreover, NYMC provides the highest-quality music lessons in addition to workshops & seminars. Most importantly, we provide truly exceptional teachers throughout NYC. 

Above all, we are guided by our mission to use our revenue to subsidize lessons & music programs for all students & families with limited financial resources. 

So, please do support our crowdfunding campaign.
We can’t do this without your help!