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Professional Guitarist and Music Educator

Ray Gehring is a professional New York-based guitarist renowned for his fusion of Jazz, Soul, and Rock. With over 25 years of professional experience and a diverse musical background, Ray offers personalized guitar lessons that take your skills to new heights.

Drawing inspiration from iconic influences like Jimmy Smith, George Benson, and Grant Green, Ray’s compositions offer fluid melodies that transport listeners on an unforgettable journey.

Ray Gehring’s journey in music began with a BFA from the University of MN, where he studied under the tutelage of award-winning composer Judith Lang-Zaimont. With a strong foundation in musical theory and composition, Ray has spent the past 25 years honing his craft as a professional jazz guitarist.

Throughout his career, Ray has collaborated with talented musicians, including Bill Carrothers, Sean Wayland, and Steve Neil. His versatile style has allowed him to thrive in various musical landscapes, from the vibrant streets of New Orleans to the soulful melodies of Memphis.

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Ray Gehring’s Discography

The Bryan Nebula

Released April 2020

The Bryan Nebula pays tribute to early Electronic and Post-Punk music, featuring influences from Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire, and more. Dedicated to Jim Bryan, this album blends electronic arrangements with environmental recordings for an immersive sonic experience.

Tenting Tonight

Released March 2020

Tenting Tonight seeks to encapsulate the essence of an immersive soundscape, delving into the organic relationships between elements such as ‘signal to noise,’ ‘point and counterpoint,’ ‘dark and light,’ as well as exploring times of ‘unrest’ and moments of ‘peace’ within the context of our shared American experiences.

The Verna Suite

Released April 2019

The Verna Suite is a departure from Ray’s previous work yet expresses a part of him rarely seen. Inspired by his aunt Verna Jane Vaughn, it’s just him, the guitar, and a reflective ambiance akin to calming soundscapes. Special thanks to Chuck Zwicky for his exceptional mixing & mastering and Jeff Yas for his insightful design contributions.

Radio Trails

Released April 2019

In Radio Trails, Gehring takes you on a glorious time travel journey, paying homage to the Spirit of 1970s Radio, featuring vibrant new arrangements of classics by Supertramp, Carpenters, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, and Brazilian artists. Produced by Chuck Zwicky (Andy Summers, Jeff Beck, Prince) and co-produced by Bill Carrothers.

Why Choose Ray Gehring

Your Path To Master Guitar Begins Here

Ray Gehring stands out as your ultimate choice for guitar lessons, offering a transformative learning experience that blends expertise with passion.

Experience and Mastery

With over 25 years of professional experience, Ray Gehring brings a wealth of expertise to his lessons. From jazz to rock, his versatile style and deep understanding of music ensure a rewarding learning experience for students of all levels.

Personalized Instruction

Ray’s personalized approach to teaching ensures that each student receives tailored guidance to suit their unique goals and learning style. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to refine your skills, Ray’s patient and supportive instruction will help you unlock your full potential as a guitarist.

Expert Teacher

Learn from seasoned professionals. Benefit from tailored guidance for refining your talent and skills.


Here’s What Ray’s Students Have to Say


“As someone who’s always been intimidated by music lessons, Ray’s thorough approach to teaching guitar demystified the instrument and made learning so much easier than before I took lessons.”


“Taking lessons with Ray has been an absolute joy. He is so patient and knows what works for me to learn faster. I felt like I wasn’t just another student, but someone with unique musical interests.”


“Ray is dedicated and understanding. Instead of rigid lessons, I feel motivated to play more guitar after each session. I’ve made more progress in months than I have in years.”


“Finding a guitar teacher who understands that life doesn’t always fit into neat schedules was a game-changer for me. Ray didn’t just teach chords and scales; he made each lesson about what I want to learn. Ray made playing guitar more fun and less confusing for me.”

Guitarist Ray Gehring makes Zoo Bar DebutBerman Music Foundation

“I struggled with sticking to guitar; learning it seemed too hard. But with Ray’s help, it became a passion. His personalized lessons are very focused on my musical preferences. Now, I’m not just playing guitar; I’m performing it.”

Guitarist Ray Gehring makes Zoo Bar DebutBerman Music Foundation

LINCOLN, Neb.—Ray Gehring returned to his hometown May 22 to make his Zoo Bar debut, exactly 20 years after the guitarist last performed in the city, leading a jazz fusion trio at Duffy’s.
Lots of friends, family and a few Zoo Bar regulars made him feel welcome as he roared through two sets drawing heavily from his new release, a tribute to the pop music of the 1970s called “Radio Trails.” The CD is dedicated to Butch Berman and the Berman Music Foundation.
Gehring was superbly accompanied by members of his band Commonwealth, in this case keyboardist Matthias Bublath and drummer Joey Van Phillips, with vocals featuring Dan Gaarder. The band also made appearances May 20 in Minneapolis and May 21 at the Saddle Creek Bar in Omaha.
“Take the Long Way Home,” Supertramp’s 1979 super-hit, received a rocking instrumental reading with Gehring delivering a biting guitar attack that fully utilized the fat, resonant tone of his hollow-bodied axe. Gaarder took the stage for a rocking version of Neil Young’s “Motion Pictures,” and Gram Parsons’ “She,” which had Bublath displaying his versatility and imagination on keys.
Originals included Gehring’s bluesy “Stay Awhile” and the collaborative “That Was the Story.” Bublath added percussive, staccato jabs on the latter, which Luke Polipnick and Ray Gehring [Photo by Tom Ineck] Gaarder sang with his understated, reedy quality. Aptly for the venerable blues club, the band finished the opening set with a blues shuffle.
The second set’s highlight was a guest appearance by guitarist Luke Polipnick, whose band Volcano Insurance also includes drummer Joey Van Phillips. Among the tunes that Gehring and Polipnick mutually explored was the Willie Nelson standard “Funny How Time Slips Away.”

Guitarist Ray Gehring makes Zoo Bar DebutBerman Music Foundation

Jazz guitarist Ray Gehring grew up in Lincoln surrounded by the bustling music scenes of the capital city and Omaha. He spent his formative years learning and listening to music and working with many teachers, eventually earning a B.A. in composition from the University of Minnesota. Since 2000, Gehring has resided in Brooklyn, where he performs regularly with his group Commonwealth.
This week brings Gehring and his band back to the three cities he grew up in: Minneapolis, Lincoln and a stop in Omaha at the Saddle Creek Bar this Thursday. They’ll be here in support of their new CD “Radio Trails.”
Musically speaking, Gehring floats on the cusp of traditional jazz and jazz fusion, occasionally inserting elements of folk and Americana.

Ray Gehring & Commonwealth OmahaCity Weekly

On the last Wednesday of each month, you can hear jazz guitarist Ray Gehring and his trio at Bar BQ, 689 6th Avenue, corner of 20th Street in Park Slope.
Gehring brings his soulful sound along with drummer George Mel and organists Nate Shaw and Matthias Bublath. His album, entitled “Ray Gehring Trio,” can be found on iTunes or cdbaby.com.
The music they perform creates an atmosphere that blends perfectly with the savory smoked barbecue, peaty single malts, and friendly patrons that make Bar BQ a neighborhood favorite.
“Our material includes songs ranging from Dizzy Gillespie to Neil Young, Burt Bacharach and Big John Patton,” says Gehring. “We also play original compositions and a few familiar standards. The format of this trio allows us to play a large diversity of material that easily traverses through different genres and styles. At the end of the day, a good melody is a good melody.”

Ray Gehring Trio Courier-Life Publications

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is appropriate to start learning guitar?

Guitar lessons are suitable for learners of all ages! Typically, children aged six and above can begin learning, while adults can start anytime.

How long does it take to learn guitar?

Learning guitar is a journey, and the time it takes varies for each individual. Most students can start playing simple songs with consistent practice and dedication within a few months.

Do I need any prior musical experience to start guitar lessons?

No prior musical experience is required. Ray’s lessons cater to beginners and those with varying levels of experience.

Are online guitar lessons as effective as in-person lessons?

Yes, online guitar lessons can be just as effective as in-person lessons. Ray’s online classes offer interactive lessons, personalized feedback, and flexibility to accommodate your schedule.

How often should I attend guitar lessons?

The frequency of lessons depends on your goals and availability. Typically, weekly lessons are recommended for steady progress, but bi-weekly or monthly options are also available.

What styles of music can I learn to play on the guitar?

Ray Gehring covers a wide range of musical styles, including rock, jazz, blues, classical, folk, and more. You can choose to focus on a specific style or explore multiple genres.

What equipment do I need to start guitar lessons?

To begin, you’ll need a guitar that suits your size and preferences, as well as a tuner, picks, and a comfortable guitar strap. Ray can guide you in selecting the right equipment.

How do I track my progress in guitar lessons?

Ray will provide feedback during lessons to help track your progress. Additionally, keeping a practice journal and setting short-term and long-term goals can be helpful for monitoring your advancement.
Ray Gehring

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